Published : 08/19/2019 12:42:02
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Cycling is one of the modes of transport "active", that is to say that requires to provide a physical effort to move. Like walking, scooter or skateboarding, cycling is a solution that is both eco-friendly, economical and good for your health!

Cycling: economic benefits and co-benefits

For the past ten years, the bike has gone from being a leisure object and sporting activity to a full-fledged mode of travel. It was not until 2015 that INSEE, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, included in its questionnaires the bicycle as a means of transport! However, the bike is gradually picking up urban space to the detriment of cars. Because it is often a very effective alternative from all points of view on short and medium distances.

The national union of the bicycle industry announces that the cycling sector is flourishing:. In addition, the co-benefits of cycling are numerous: on the environment, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality, but also on the health of cyclists, who then favor physical activity regular. In short, cycling is a concrete solution for sustainable development!

Mobility by bike: short or medium distance?

For urban and inter-urban travel, cycling is a perfect substitute for the car. With him, no waste of time in traffic or looking for a parking space.

Bicycle kilometer allowance: encouraging ecological shift

In your daily mobility, commuting can also be done by bicycle. Corporate Travel Plans (PDEs) are designed to encourage these behaviors.

Electric bike: go further while getting tired less!

The electric assistance bicycle, or electric bike, is a bicycle on which is mounted an electric motor powered by a battery. This type of bike allows both to lengthen the distances traveled while limiting the physical effort provided. In this way, it makes the bike accessible to anyone who does not want (or can not) develop too much physical effort as well as those whose needs for medium-distance journeys are more frequent.

However, electric bikes have a price.

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