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Electric Fat Bike: a new type of mountain bike powerful electric

The idea of ​​the Fat Bike, which started to germinate in the early 1980s, is born of an observation
even with the most robust and sporty mountain bikes, to pass on certain types of particularly
and unstable terrain is extremely complicated. The Fat Electric Bike helped to make it even most popular.

Electric Fat Bike: the ideal mount for off-road trips

So it's in North America, and especially in Canada, that the Fat Bike has been developed in order to allow cyclists to evolve on snow. This guy
bike was just as effective and comfortable on the sandy terrain, muddy or covered with gravel.

In fact, the big and thick wheels that characterize the Fat Bike - and that's the first thing you notice when you meet one of these ATVs
new generation - provide greater contact area between the tire and the ground. Thanks to this, the weight is better distributed, preventing the wheels
to get bogged down in the ground unstable because snowy, muddy or made of sand.

By its construction, the Fat Bike is therefore intended for off-road trips, but it is much less efficient on the bitumen courses. This same contact area
increased by the thickness of the tires becomes binding on the road since it produces more friction and therefore asks the cyclist for extra effort.
This is where the Fat Bike ilectrik bike stands out: with its engine 500W and the electrical assistance it has compensates for this constraint and makes
this electric bike comfortable and more manageable than the other models. Fat Electric Bike can therefore be used on both soft and uneven terrain
than on much more stable and regular roadways.

Just make sure to adjust the tire pressure according to the type of tire surface on which we will roll: reduce the pressure for the sports circuits
off-road and increase it for road trips in urban areas.

Wide tires and reinforced frame

Once again, the specificity of the Fat Bike "ilectrik bike" is its imposing wheels. They are thick, with a minimum width of 44 millimeters, while the tires are at least 4 inches. Some models even reach 4.8 inches.

To be able to adapt to such wheels, the dimensions of the other elements of the fat bike "ilectrik bike" are also revised upwards. The hubs are, indeed,
significantly wider than on other frames. It is the same for shrouds.

To ensure good braking, the fat bike "ilectrik bike" is equipped with brakes front, rear Tektro disc for better dosing braking.

By increasing its size and volume, the risk that this powerful electric ATV shows a significant weight is well established. Nevertheless, to get around this
inconvenience, the idea of ​​piercing the inside of the rims, could considerably lighten all. This choice makes it possible, in addition,
to obtain a larger deformation of the tire, which increases the area of ​​contact with the ground and comfort.

The engine of the Fat bike "ilectrik bike" of the manufacturer Bafang N ° 1 worldwide is both powerful and well managed. If he delivers too much power, the bike control becomes difficult. If, on the contrary, assistance is insufficient, becomes even more difficult to advance on the delicate portions, such as

That's why we equipped our Fat Bike with a Bafang engine managed

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